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Bank Exam Preparation with Latest Question Papers

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Simple aptitude questions for bank exam preparation. Prepare for IBPS bank exams with these simple aptitude questions. Use these Solved question papers for bank exam preparations.

1) The workers in a factory produce widgets and whoosits. For each product, production time is constant and identical for all workers, but not necessarily equal for the two products. In one hour, 100 workers can produce 300 widgets and 200 whoosits. In two hours, 60 workers can produce 240 widgets and 300 whoosits. In three hours, 50 workers can produce 150 widgets and m whoosits. Then m equals
a) 150
(b) 250
(c) 350
(d) 450
(e) none of the foregoing  

2) Given the nine-sided regular polygon  , how many distinct equilateral triangles in the plane of the polygon have at least two vertices in the set  ?
(a) 30      (b) 33      (c) 36      (d) 66      (e) 72

3) The volumes of sales of a product depends upon the discount x% given on its sales as (100+3x)*V/400, where V is the total volume of the product for sale. The maximum profit that can be realized on the sale of the product correspond to the which value of x?
(a) 20%      (b) 25%      (c) 33.33%      (d) 40%      (e) 50%   

4) Let the system of equations iy – 1 = a(x-i) for i = 1, 2, 3 have a unique solution. Then xy equals
(a) 3      (b) 1      (c) a      (d) 1/a      (e) 1/3

5) A large cube is formed by stacking 27 unit cubes. A plane is perpendicular to one of the internal diagonals of the large cube and bisects that diagonal. The number of unit cubes that the plane intersects is
(a) 21      (b) 19      (c) 18      (d) 16      (e) 15

6) Let  be an acute angled triangle and  be the altitude through  . If  and  , what is the distance between the midpoints of  and  ?
(a) 4.5      (b) 3      (c) 5      (d) 7.5      (d) 4

7) There are 2 kinds of milk powder with different fat and protein contents. When these 2 kinds of milk powder are mixed in various proportion, the protein and fat concentration of the mixtures was found to be (5%, 8%), (6%, 6%) and (8%, x%) respectively. Then x =
(a) 2      (b) 3.5      (c) 4      (d) 4.5      (e) 5

8) Two points A(x1,y1) and B(x2,y2) are chosen on the graph of f(x) = ln(x), with 0 < x1 < x2. The points C and D trisect AB, with AC < CB. Through C a horizontal line is drawn to cut the curve at E(x3,y3). If x1 = 1 and x2 = 1000, then x3 is
(a) 1/100      (b) 1/10      (c) 10      (d) 100      (e) none of the foregoing

9) The director of a marching band wishes to place the members into a formation that includes all of them and has no unfilled positions. If they are arranged in a square formation, there are 5 members left over. The director realizes that if he arranges the group in a formation with 7 more rows than columns, there are no members left over.  The maximum number of members this band can have
(a) is more than 500
(b) is less than 100
(c) is more than 100 but less than 200
(d) is more than 300 but less than 400
(e) is more than 200 but less than 300

10) A semicircle with radius R is contained in a square whose sides have length 1 unit. The maximum value of R is
(a) √2 – 1      (b) (√2 + 1)/4      (c) √3 - √2      (d) (√6 + 2)/8      (e) (√6 - √2)/2
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