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Easy Guide for IBPS Bank Exam Preparations

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Solved question papers for IBPS bank Exam preparation. Make use of these solved question papers for bank exam preparations.

1. Two walls are placed at an angle 80˚ to each other. A ball moving on the ground in a direction gets deflected successively by two walls. The angle between the initial and final direction along which the ball moves is
(A) 10˚          (B) 20˚          (C) 40˚          (D) 50˚          (E) 100˚

2. A book contains 30 stories. Each story has a different number of pages under 31. The first story starts on page 1 and each story starts on a new page. What is the largest possible number of stories that can begin on odd page numbers?
(A) 29          (B) 15          (C) 19          (D) 20          (E) 23

3. Given a system of six linear equations in six variables. Which of the following statements MUST BE FALSE?
(A)    The system of equations has an odd number of solutions.
(B) The system of equations has no solution.
(C) The system of equations has an infinite number of solutions.
(D) The system of equations has exactly six solutions.
(E) ATLEAST 2 of the foregoing

4. ABCD is a rhombus with O as its centre. P, Q, and R are three ants travelling from A to C along the paths AOC, ADC and ABOC respectively. All the three ants leave A at the same time and reach C simultaneously. the ratio of the speeds of P and R are 2:3. If all the three ants travelled along the path ADOC, what will be the ratio of their travelling times of P, Q and R?
(A) 15:12:10              (B) 6:3:4              (C) 24:15:16              (D) 6:5:4                        (E) none of the foregoing

5. In a class of 100 students 70 passed in physics, 62 passed in mathematics, 84 passed in english and 82 passed in chemistry. 37 students passed in all 4 subjects. How many maximum students could have failed all four subjects?
(A) 12        (B) 15        (C) 10        (D) 17        (E) none of the foregoing

6. C and D are points on the circle diameter AB such that <AQB = 2 <COD. The tangents at C and D meet at P. The circle has radius 1. The distance of P from its center is
(A) √2/3          (B) 2/√3          (C) 3/√2          (D) 1          (E) √3/2

7. A cone of height 2 m and radius 1 m is placed inside a bigger cone of radius 2 m such that their axis are common and vertex of the smaller cone is at the centre of the base of the bigger cone. The height of the bigger cone is
(A) 3 m          (B) 4 m          (C) 5 m          (D) 6 m        (E) none of the foregoing

8. A list of five positive integers has mean 12 and range 18. The mode and median are both 8. How many different values are possible for the second largest element of the list?
(A) 4          (B) 6          (C) 8          (D) 10          (E) 12

9. In the triangle ABC, the length of the altitude from A is not less than BC, and the length of the altitude from B is not less than AC. Which among the following is never true?
(A) ABC is right-angled         (B) ABC is not scalene          (C) ABC is isosceles         (D) ABC is not obtuse-angled           (E) none of the foregoing

10. If p, q are real numbers such that p2 + pq + q2 = 1, then the greatest value of the expression (p3q+ q3p) is
(A) 1/4          (B) 2          (D) 2/5          (D) 1/3          (E) 2/9

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