Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Question Paper Set for ICICI Bank Exam Preparation

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Simple aptitude questions for ICICI bank exam preparations. Previous year question papers of ICICI bank exams. Start preparing for the ICICI Bank exams with these solved bank exam question papers.

1. In a park, 10000 trees have been placed in a square lattice. Determine the maximum number of trees that can be cut down so that from any stump, you cannot see any other stump. (Assume the trees have negligible radius compared to the distance between adjacent trees.)
A. 2500 B.4900 C.6400 D. none of these.

2. A certain city has a circular wall around it, and this wall has four gates pointing north, south, east and west. A house stands outside the city, three miles north of the north gate, and it can just be seen from a point nine miles east of the south gate. The problem is to find the diameter of the wall that surrounds the city.

3. Income of A,B and C are in the ratio 7:10:12 and their expenses in the ratio 8:10:15 . If A saves 20% of his income then B’s saving is what % more/less than that of C’s
A.100% more B. 120% more C. 80% less D. 40% less

4. A triangle ABC has positive integer sides, angle A = 2 angle B and angle C > 90. Find the minimum length of the perimeter of ABC.

5. We have k identical mugs. In an n-storey building, we have to determine the highest floor from which, when a mug is dropped, it still does not break. The experiment we are allowed to do is to drop a mug from a floor of our choice. How many experiments are necessary to solve the problem in any case, for sure?

6. The side lengths of a triangle and the diameter of its incircle are 4 consecutive integers in an arithmetic progression. Find all such triangles.

7. We have a 102 * 102 sheet of graph paper and a connected figure of unknown shape consisting of 101 squares. What is the smallest number of copies of the figure, which can be cut out of the square?

8. Between points A and B there are two railroad tracks. One of them is straight and is 4 miles long. The other one is the arc of a circle and is 5 miles long. What is the radius of curvature of the curved track?

9. Number of ordered pair of integer x^2+6x+y^2 = 4 is.
A.2 b.4 c.6 d.8.

10. 100 cards are numbered 1 to 100 (each card different) and placed in 3 boxes (at least one card in each box). How many ways can this be done so that if two boxes are selected and a card is taken from each, then the knowledge of their sum alone is always sufficient to identify the third box?

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