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Latest ICICI Bank Exam Prepration Question Papers

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Prepare for ICICI Bank exams with these simple aptitude questions based on CAT exams. Simple aptitude questions for preparation of bank exams.

1) Consider all possible seven-digit binary numbers having four 1s and three 0s. What is the sum of all such numbers?
(a) 1470       (b) 1615      (c) 1740      (d) 1825      (e) 1910

2) Which of the cones can be formed from a  sector of a circle of radius 10 by aligning the two straight sides?
(a) A cone with slant height of 10 and radius 6
(b) A cone with height of 10 and radius 6
(c) A cone with slant height of 10 and radius 7
(d) A cone with height of 10 and radius 7
(e) A cone with slant height of 10 and radius 8

3) Consider the sum of two numbers x and y whose sum ends in 9. Which of the following will necessarily end in 9?
(a) x^6 + y^6      (b) x^7 + y^7       (c) x^13 + y^13        (d) x^18 + y^18      (e) x^19 + y^19

4) Two straight roads R1 and R2 diverge from a point A at an angle of 120 degrees. Ram starts walking from point A along R1 at a uniform speed of 3km/hr. Shyam starts walking at the same time from A along R2 at a uniform speed of 2km/hr. They continue walking for 4 hours along the respective roads and reach points B and C on R1 and R2 respectively. There is a straight path connecting B and C. Then Ram returns to point A after walking along the line segments BC and CA. Shyam also returns to A after walking along line segments CB and BA. Their speeds remain unchanged. The time interval (in hours) between Ram’s and Shyam’s return to the point A is
(a) (10√19 + 26)/3      (b) (2√19 + 10)/3      (c) (√19 + 26)/3      (d) (√19 + 10)/3    (e) none of the foregoing

5) In a quadrilateral ABCD, the diagonals AC and BD intersect at O. Let OA = 2, OB = 2, OC = 3, OD = 4 and AB = 3. The area of the quadrilateral is
(a) 55/4      (b) 117/8      (c) 173/12       (d) 225/16      (e) none of the foregoing

6) For real x and y if f(x, y) = f(x+y, 1) + f(1, x+y). Then f(x, 1-x)/f(x, -x) equals
(a) ½       (b) 1      (c) 2/3      (d) 2      (e) 3/2

7) The sum of a few (more than 2 and less than 100) consecutive integers is found
to be 253. There can be 2 values of the total number of terms. The positive difference between these 2 values will be
(a) 15      (b) 20      (c) 25      (d) 35      (e) 45

8)  If a, b, c are greater than 1, then loga/(log(ab)) + logb/(log(bc)) + logc/(log(ca)) (is)
(a) always greater than 1
(b) always less than 2
(c) always less than 1
(d) exactly 2 of the foregoing
(e) none of the foregoing

9) Let n be number of ways in which two adjacent face of a cube can be chosen. Its faces are divided into four equal squares and let m be the number of ways in which two such adjacent squares can be chosen. Then m =
(a) 4n      (b) 6n      (c) 8n      (d) 9n      (e) 12n

10) A vertical cylinder vessel contains water in it up to height of √3 unit. The cylinder is then tilted till its axis make 30 degrees with the vertical and the level of water just covers the base of the vessel. The radius of the base of the vessel is
(a) 1      (b) 3      (c) √3/2      (d) 2/√3      (e) none of the foregoing
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