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Syndicate Bank Solved Question Papers for Bank Exams

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Ranking based aptitude question for bank exam preparation. Prepare for Bank Exams with these solved aptitude questions for Syndicate Bank.

1. In a class of 20 students, Alisha's rank is 15th from the top. Manav is 4 ranks above Alisha. What is Manav's rank from the bottom ?
(l)10th     (2) 11th       (3) 9th        (4) 12th        (5) None of these

2. In a class of 40 children, Saurabh's rank is eighth from the top. Mamta is five ranks below Saurabh. What is Mamta's rank from the bottom?
(1) 27th        (2) 29th    (3) 28th      (4) 26th     (5) Cannot be determined

3. Four teams, Team A, B, C and D participated in a tournament. Team C scored the least. Team B scored more than Team D but not as much as Team A. Who amongst the four teams scored the third highest?
(1) Team A     (2) Team B   (3)TeamC    (4) Team D     (5) Cannot be determined

4.In a class of 20 students, Mridul’s rank is 12th from the top and Veena's rank is 17th from the bottom. If Rohan's rank is exactly between Mridul and Veenna' rank, what is Rohan's rank from the top ?
(l)9th       (2) 8th       (3) 10th   (4) 7th   (5) Cannot be determined

5. Q types faster than R but not as fast as V. T types faster than R. S types faster than V. Who amongst the five of them types the fastest ?
(1) V      (2) T     (3) S    (4) Data Inadequate    (5) None of these

    Directions (6 - 7) : Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
    Among M, R, L, N and J each scoring different marks in an examination, R scored more than M. N scored
less than L but more than J. J scored more than R.
6. Who amongst them scored the least-marks ?
(1)R        (2)M       (3) J      (4) N       (5)L

7. Whose score was the third highest?
(1)R       (2)M       (3) J      (4)N      (5)L

Directions (8 - 9): Among J,K, L, M and N each of a different weight, J is heavier than L but lighter than K. M is lighter than L. K is lighter than N.
8. Who among them is the heaviest?
(1)N       (2)K      (3) L     (4) M     (5) Cannot be determined

9.Who among them is the second lightest?
(1)N     (2)K       (3)L    (4)M    (5) Cannot be determined

10. Among A, B, D and F, each having different weight, A is lighter than B and B is lighter than only D. F is not as heavy as A. Who amongst them is the lightest?
(1) D      (2) F     (3) A     (4) Cannot be determined      (5) None of these
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