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Direction Related Questions for IBPS Exam Preparation

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Prepare for IBPS Bank Exam with these simple direction related bank exams question papers.

1. Sohan walked 20 metres towards East. He turned to his left And walked 30 metres. He again turned towards his left and walked 20 meters. How far and in which direction is he now from his starting position ?
(A) 30 metres, South        (B) 30 metres, North    
(C) 70 metres, North     (D)50 metres, North    
(E) None of these .

2. Alok walked 30 metres towards east and took a right turn and walked 40 metres. He again took a right tarn and walked 50 metres. Towards which direction is he from his starting point ?
(A) South        '(B) West       (C) South-West     
 D) South-East   E) None of these

3. Pole H is to the East of pole R and to the North of pole D. Pole D is in which direction with respect to pole R?
1. North-East       2.South-East      3.North-West        4.South-East      5.None of  these

4. Sunil walks towards the East from point A, turns right at point B and walks the same distance as he walked towards the East. He now turns left, walks the same distance again and finally makes a left turns and stops at point C after walking the same distance . The distance between A and C is how many times as that of A and B ?
1.Cannot be determined       2.Two       3.Three     4.Four      5.none of these

5. Harihar starts walking straight facing South. After walking 30 metres he turned to his right, walked 25 metres and turned to his left. Again after walking a distance of 10 metres he turned to his left.  Which direction is he facing now?
1.West       2.East        3.North-East        4.South-West        5.None of these

6. Ram is facing South. Ramesh, walking towards him, stops him, stops, and turns to his right. He sees Uamesh standing before him facing him. Which direction Umesh is facing?
1.West         2.South       3.East       4.Data inadequate       5.None of these

7. Ashok  walked five metres towards East, took a right turn and walked 10 metres and again he took a right turn and walked 15 metres. Which direction is he facing now?
1.South       2.West       3.North      4.South-West       5.None of these

8. M is to the East of D, F is to the South of D  and K is to the East of F. M is in which direction with respect to K ?
(A) South-West       (B) North-West      (C) North-East      (D) South-East     E) None of these .

9. One afternoon, Manisha and Madhuri were talking to each other face to face In Bhopal on M-G. Road. If Manisha's shadow was exactly to the exactly to the left of Madhuri, which direction was Manisha facing ?
(A) North              (B) South       (C) Ease     
(D) Data inadequate       (E) None of these

10. Y is to the East of X, which is to the North of Z. If P is to the South of Z, then P is in which  direction with respect to Y?
(A) North       (B) South       (C) South-East        (D) North-East    (E) None of these
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