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Volume and Surface Area related problems for Indian Overseas Bank Exam Preparation

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Prepare for IBPS Bank Exams with these Volume and Surface area problems. Prepare for Indian Overseas Bank with these quantitative aptitude questions related to volume and surface area.

1. A hall is 15 m long and 12 m broad. If the sum of the areas of the floor and the ceiling is equal to the sum of the areas of four walls, the volume of the hall is:
A.     720
B.     900
C.     1200
D.     1800

2. The slant height of a right circular cone is 10 m and its height is 8 m. Find the area of its curved surface.
A.     30 pi m2
B.     40 pi m2
C.     60 pi m2
D.     80 pi m2

3. A cistern of capacity 8000 litres measures externally 3.3 m by 2.6 m by 1.1 m and its walls are 5 cm thick. The thickness of the bottom is:
A.     90 cm
B.     1 dm
C.     1 m
D.     1.1 cm

4. A large cube is formed from the material obtained by melting three smaller cubes of 3, 4 and 5 cm side. What is the ratio of the total surface areas of the smaller cubes and the large cube?
A.     2 : 1
B.     3 : 2
C.     25 : 18
D.     27 : 20

5. A hollow iron pipe is 21 cm long and its external diameter is 8 cm. If the thickness of the pipe is 1 cm and iron weighs 8 g/cm3, then the weight of the pipe is:
A.     3.6 kg
B.     3.696 kg
C.     36 kg
D.     36.9 kg

6. In a shower, 5 cm of rain falls. The volume of water that falls on 1.5 hectares of ground is:
A.     75 cu. m
B.     750 cu. m
C.     7500 cu. m
D.     75000 cu. m

7.  A metallic sheet is of rectangular shape with dimensions 48 m x 36 m. From each of its corners, a square is cut off so as to make an open box. If the length of the square is 8 m, the volume of the box (in m3) is:
A.     4830
B.     5120
C.     6420
D.     8960

8. A boat having a length 3 m and breadth 2 m is floating on a lake. The boat sinks by 1 cm when a man gets on it. The mass of the man is:
A.     12 kg
B.     60 kg
C.     72 kg
D.     96 kg

9.  What is the total surface area of a right circular cone of height 14 cm and base radius 7 cm?
A.     344.35 cm2
B.     462 cm2
C.     498.35 cm2
D.     None of these

10. A cistern 6m long and 4 m wide contains water up to a depth of 1 m 25 cm. The total area of the wet surface is:
A.     49 m2
B.     50 m2
C.     53.5 m2
D.     55 m2

Answers :
1. C    2. C    3. B    4. C    5. B
6. B    7. B    8. B    9. C    10. A
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