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Simple Interest Question and Answers for Canara Bank Exams

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Simple Interest questions for preparation of bank exams. Make these simple questions to prepare for Canara Bank exam preparation. Use these solved questions and answers for bank exam preparation.

1. A man borrowed some amount, after 3 years he paid Rs.10,400/- with 10% interest, then how much Amount he borrowed?
A.) Rs.7000/-     B.) Rs.8000/-
C.) Rs.9000/-     D.) Rs.1000/-

2. A borrow took by a man, for every 5 years it will be doubled, then what is the rate of the interest?
A.) 15%     B.) 20%
C.) 22%     D.) 23%

3. Find simple interest on Rs.5000/- at 12% p.a, for 2 years?
A.) Rs.1300/-     B.) Rs.1400/-
C.) Rs.1200/-     D.) Rs.1000/-

4. Find simple interest on Rs.6000/- at 10% p.a. for 2years 3 months?
A.) Rs.1350/-     B.) Rs.1250/-
C.) Rs.2350/-     D.) None of these

5. In how many years will sum of Rs 4000 yield an interest of Rs.1080/- at 9% p.a?
A.) 1 year     B.) 3 years
C.) 4 years     D.) 2 years

6. If the simple interest on Rs.400 for 3 years is Rs.4000/-, what is the rate of interest percent per annum?
A.) 4 1/3%     B.) 3 1/4%
C.) 3 1/3%     D.) None of these

7.  The borrow taken by a man, for every 6 years it will be 3 times, then how much time it will be taken For 8 times:
A.) 20years     B.) 21years
C.) 22years     D.) 25years

8. A borrow taken by a man, for every 5 years it will be doubled, then how much time it will be taken
A.) 12years     B.) 13years
C.) 15years     D.) 16years

9. A person took some amount with some interest for 2 years, but increase the interest for 1%, he paid Rs.120/- extra, then how much amount he took?
A.) Rs.5500/-     B.) Rs.6000/-
C.) Rs.4000/-     D.) Rs.7000/-

10. At what rate of percent per annum will a sum of money double in 8 years?
A.) 13 ¼%     B.) 12 ½%
C.) 11 ½%     D.) None of these

Answers :
1. B    2. B    3. C    4. A    5. B
6. C    7. B    8. C    9. B    10. B
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