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Problems on Mixture and Alligation for Axis Bank Exams

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Prepare for Axis bank exams with these problems on mixtures and alligations. Solved examples on mixtures and alligations for preparation of exams.

1. A trader has 1600 kg of sugar. He sells a part at 8% profit and the rest at 12% profit. If he gains 11% on the whole , find the quantity sold at 12%.
A. 1200 kg    B. 1400 kg
C. 1600 kg    D. 800 kg

2. A jar full of whiskey contains 40% alcohol. A part of this whisky is replaced by another containing 19% alcohol and now the percentage of alcohol was found to be 26%. The quantity of whisky replaced is
A. 4/3
B. 3/4
C. 3/2
D. 2/3

3. A container contains 40 litres of milk. From this container 4 litres of milk was taken out and replaced by water. This process was repeated further two times. How much milk is now contained by the container?
A. 26 litres    B. 29.16 litres
C. 28 litres    D. 28.2 litres

4. In what ratio must water be mixed with milk costing Rs.12 per litre in order to get a mixture worth of Rs.8 per litre?
A. 1 : 3    B. 2 : 2
C. 1 : 2    D. 3 : 1

5. Rs.460 was divided among 41 boys and girls such that each boy got Rs.12 and each girl got Rs.8. What is the number of boys?
A. 33    B. 30
C. 36    D. 28

6. John bought 20 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs.8.50 per kg and 35 kg at the rate of Rs.8.75 per kg. He mixed the two. Approximately at what price per kg should he sell the mixture to make 40% profit at the cost price?
A. Rs.12    B. Rs.8
C. Rs.16    D. Rs.20

7. How many litres of water must be added to 16 liters of milk and water containing 10% water to make it 20% water in it?
A. 4 litre    B. 2 litre
C. 1 litre    D. 3 litre

8. A container contains a mixture of two liquids P and Q in the ratio 7 : 5. When 9 litres of mixture are drawn off and the container is filled with Q, the ratio of P and Q becomes 7 : 9. How many litres of liquid P was contained in the container initially?
A. 23    B. 21
C. 19    D. 17

9. 8 litres are drawn from a cask full of wine and is then filled with water. This operation is performed three more times. The ratio of the quantity of wine now left in cask to that of the water is 16 : 65. How much wine did the cask originally hold?
A. 30 litres    B. 26 litres
C. 24 litres    D. 32 litres

10. How many kg of rice at Rs.6.60 per kg be mixed with 56 kg of rice at Rs.9.60 per kg to get a mixture worth Rs.8.20 per kg?
A. 56 kg    B. 52 kg
C. 44 kg    D. 49 kg

Answers :
1. A    2. D    3. B    4. C    5. A
6. A    7. B    8. B    9. C    10. D
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