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Mensuration Aptitude Questions for Bank of Baroda

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Mensuration related aptitude questions for preparation of bank exams. These simple aptitude questions related to area and volume can be great help in preparing for bank exams.

1. A rectangle measures 8 Cm on length and its diagonal measures 17 Cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
A.) 46 Cm     B.) 48 Cm
C.) 46 m     D.) None of these

2. The length of a room is 6 m and width is 4.75 m. What is the cost of paying the floor by slabs at the rate of Rs. 900 per sq. metre.
A.) Rs. 25660     B.) Rs. 25560
C.) Rs. 25650     D.) Rs. 26550

3. A rectangular field has to be fenced on three sides leaving a side of 20 feet uncovered. If the area of the field is 680 sq. feet, how many feet of fencing will be required?
A.) 98     B.) 88
C.) 99     D.) 89

4. Find the cost of carpenting a room 13 m long and 9 m broad with a carpet 100 Cm broad at the rate of Rs.20 per meter.
A.) 117 m     B.) 107 m
C.) 116 m     D.) 117 m2

5. The perimeter of a square circumscribed about a ciecle of radius r is:
A.) 12 r     B.) 16 r
C.) 64 r     D.) 8 r

6. The diagonal of a rhombus are 65 m and 60 m. Its area is:
A.) 1950 Cm3     B.) 1950 Cm2
C.) 1960 Cm2     D.) 1960 Cm3

7. Find the area of the sector whose are is making an angle of 90° at the center of a circle of radius 3.2 Cm.
A.) 46.32 Sq.Cm     B.) 54.32 Sq.Cm
C.) 56.22 Sq.Cm     D.) 56.32 Sq.Cm

8. A rectangular room 14 m long, 12 m broad is surrounded by a varandah, 3 m wide. Find the area of the varandah?
A.) 190 m2     B.) 170 m2
C.) 180 m3     D.) 180 m2

9. Area of four walls of a room is 99 m2. The length and breadth of the room are 7.5 m and 3.5m respectively. The height of the room is:
A.) 4.5 Cm     B.) 5.5 m
C.) 4.5 m     D.) 5.5 Cm

10.  The side of a cube is 12 m, find the lateral surface area?
A.) 526 m2     B.) 506 m2
C.) 518 m2     D.) 516 m2

Answers :
1. A    2. C    3. B    4. A    5. D
6. B    7. D    8. D    9. C    10. D
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