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Calendar related aptitude problems for State Bank of Mysore

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Calendar related problems for bank exam of state bank of mysore. Solve the problems related to calendar, days, month, year for easy calculation of solving ability.

1. How many days will there be from 26th January,1996 to 15th May,1996(both days included)?
A. 102    B. 103
C. 111    D. 120

2. Today is Thursday. The day after 59 days will be?
A. Monday    B. Tuesday
C. Saturday    D. Sunday

3. 01-Jan-2007 was Monday. What day of the week lies on 01-Jan-2008?
A. Wednesday    B. Sunday
C. Friday    D. Tuesday

4. What will be the day of the week 15th August, 2010?
A. Thursday    B. Sunday
C. Monday    D. Saturday

5. January 1, 2004 was a Thursday, what day of the week lies on January 1 2005.
A. Saturday    B. Monday
C. Saturday    D. Tuesday

6. If the day before yesterday was Thursday, when will Sunday be?
A. Day after tomorrow    B. Tomorow
C. Two days after today    D. Today

7. If Jan 1, 2006 was a Sunday, What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2010?
A. Friday    B. Thursday
C. Tuesday    D. Saturday

8. Which of the following is not a leap year?
A. 1200    B. 800
C. 700    D. 2000

9. Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be
A. Thursday    B. Sunday
C. Monday    D. Saturday

10. If the seventh day of a month is three days earlier than Friday, What day will it be on the nineteenth day of the month?
A. Saturday    B. Monday
C. Sunday    D. Wednesday

Answers :
1. C    2. D    3. D    4. B    5. C
6. B    7. A    8. C    9. D    10. C
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